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Low-lying bands in the special-pair

Spectroscopy of the low-lying bands in the special-pair radical-cations of photosynthetic reaction centres

Jeffrey R. Reimers, Michael C. Hutter and Noel S. Hush

School of Chemistry F11
University of Sydney

NSW 2006


The spectra of the special-pair radicals P+ produced after photoexcitation of photosynthetic reactions centres and initial electron transfer can, in principle, provide important information concerning the function of the reaction centres. Extraction of this information requires detailed knowlegde of the spectroscopy of the cations, however. We review our contributions to this field concerning the bands observed at near 2500 cm-1 and 8000 cm-1, and review results obtained from the study of porphyrinic reaction-centre model complexes. We also consider the impact of recent experimental developments in these fields. Further, we investigate experimental evidence suggesting the possibility that the observed band at 2500 cm-1 is either a composite of two independent electronic transitions or has both an allowed component and a forbidden component arising from vibronic coupling to intense high-energy transitions. The resolution of this dichotomy will have profund consequences for interpretation of the function of photosynthetic reaction centres.

M. Hutter 8. December 1997

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