Group seminar Prof. V. Helms

WS 2003/04, monday, 10 am c.t.



10.11.2003      Wei Gu                                   Calculation of the solvation free energy change

for transferring amino acid residues from

hydrophobic solution to water solution


17.11.2003      Jörg Niggemann                     What a feeling!


24.11.2003      Jegannath                              Concerted motion of protons


01.12.2003      Yungki Park                            A novel potential function for modeling oligomers

of trans-membrane alpha helices


08.12.2003      Bingding Huang                      BDOCK: an implementation of FFT protein-

                                                                       protein docking using the BALL library


15.12.2003      Christian Gorba                     Brownian dynamics simulation of simplified

cytochrome c molecules in the presence of a charged surface


12.01.2004      Prof. Andreas Zeller               Software design


19.01.2004      René Staritzbichler                Flow motion dynamics of helices


26.01.2004      Tihamér Geyer                       Time-dependent treatment of hydrodynamic

                                                                       interactions of proteins


02.02.2004      Sam Ansari                             Statistical analysis of protein-protein interfaces


09.02.2004      Alexander Spaar                    Brownian dynamics study of cytochrome c and

cytochrome c oxidase


16.02.2004      Elena Herzog                          Parameters for proton transfer and Q-HOP



23.02.2004      Elena Olkhova                        to be announced


01.03.2004      Michael Hutter                         QSAR of inhibitors of human type-1 5α-reductase


08.03.2004      Saurabh Kumar Shakya        Study of interaction of Adrenodoxin and Cyt P450


?.?.2004          Prof. Volkhard Helms             to be announced