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Spezialvorlesung Bioinformatik:
Modern Methods in Drug Discovery

Winter Semester 06/07

Lecturer: Dr. Michael Hutter

Tutor: Dr. Michael Hutter

Lecture: Monday, 11:15 am - 12:45 pm, building E 1 3 (formerly 45), R 0.16

Tutorial: Wednesday, 9:15 am - 10:45 am, CIP Pool Bioinformatik, R. 104, every second week

Hinweis: This course can be used as a "Spezialvorlesung der Bioinformatik"

Note: This course will be presented in English, the final exam will be available in German too.


  1. basic knowledge of Organic Chemistry and Genetics
  2. scope of the lectures:
    Bioinformatik I + II
    Computational Chemistry
    Softwarewerkzeuge der Bioinformatik

  3. This questionaire gives you an idea about the required knowledge.
    Due to the limited capacity of the room, the number of participants
    will be limited to about 20.

via E-mail starting october by name and Matrikelnr.
to:  Kerstin Gronow-Pudelek

Students that have successfully passed the following courses
will be considered in the first place:
Bioinformatik I
Bioinformatik II
Computational Chemistry I
Softwarewerkzeuge der Bioinformatik

Studierende in Masterstudiengängen die ihren Bachelorabschluß an einer
anderen Hochschule oder Universität erhalten haben, können bei erfolgtem
Nachweis gleichwertiger Studienleistungen ebenfalls berücksichtigt werden.

scope: The focus of this course is the computer based prediction of suitable pharmaceutical drugs and the search for new potential targets in the human genome. Following topics are covered:

  • molecular origin of typical diseases and the mode of action of drugs
  • virtual substance libraries and query strategies
  • in silico eADMET models and filters, bioavailability
  • statistics and QSAR methods
  • metabolism, toxicology and adverse side effects, also considering biomarkers
  • polymorphism and susceptible genes
  • identification of orthologues genes to derive new targets and model organisms
  • current trends and strategies of drug design
  • Schein / Certification: 50% der erreichbaren Punkte aus den Übungen sind Voraussetzung zur Zulassung zur Klausur. Die Note basiert auf dem Ergebnis der Abschlussklausur.

    Voraussetzungen zur Teilnahme an der Abschlussklausur: Erreichen von mindestens der Hälfte der Punkte aus den Übungsaufgaben.

    Klausurtermin: Monday, February 5, 11:15 am - 1:00 pm, room: E1 3, R. 0.16

    Leistungspunkte/Credits: 5 (2 V + 1 Ü)

    This course is taught in English.
    1st Lecture: October 23 pps pdf Assignment 1
    2nd Lecture: October 30 pps pdf
    3rd Lecture: November 6 pps pdf Assignment 2
    1st Tutorial November 8
    4th Lecture: November 13 pps pdf Assignment 3
    2nd Tutorial November 15
    5th Lecture: November 20 pps pdf
    3rd Tutorial November 22
    6th Lecture: November 27 pps pdf Assignment 4

    7th Lecture: December 4 pps pdf
    4th Tutorial December 6

    8th Lecture: December 11 pps pdf Assignment 5

    9th Lecture: December 18 pps pdf

    10th Lecture: January 8 pps pdf Assignment 6
    5th Tutorial January 10

    11th Lecture: January 15 pps pdf

    12th Lecture: January 22 pps pdf

    6th Tutorial January 24
    13th Lecture: January 29 pps pdf

    Final Exam: February 5