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Studying Bioinformatics in Saarbrücken

Softwarewerkzeuge der Bioinformatik

Winter Semester 06/07

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Volkhard Helms

Tutors: Dr. Tihamér Geyer, Barbara Hutter, Dr. Michael Hutter, Peter Walter

Lecture: Friday, 9:00 am - 11:00 am, building E 1 3, HS 003

Tutorial: Friday, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, CIP-Pool Bioinformatik, R. 104

Requirements: basic knowledge of protein sequences and protein structure. Prior courses like Bioinformatics I or II are helpful but not required. The course can also be considered as "introduction into bioinformatics" for non-bioinformaticians. It is open to interested participants from Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Pharmacy.

Contents: This course is essentially a practical course how to apply modern tools of everyday-bioinformatics. Three areas are covered:

(1) protein-sequence comparison, (2) protein-modelling, (3) networks.The students learn "hands-on" in the bioinformatics CIP pool: how to solve biological problems with bioinformatic tools like SRS, BLAST, CLUSTALW, VMD, Swiss Model, Virtual Cell, and Cytoscape. The tools are introduced during tutorials. Every 4th week, each student is assigned a mini-research project that can be solved with those tools. The students need to document their work by submitting a written 5+ pages report after the projects were handed out. The practicals are accompanied by an introductory lecture that puts the topic of the practicals into a wider biological and bioinformatics content.

Condition for certification: The course is mastered when at least 50% are obtained in the final examination. The better grade resulting either from the final exam alone or from the combination of the graded practicals’ average and the final exam weighted with 50 % each will be listed on the "Schein".

Condition for the participation in the final examination: Students need to obtain at least 50% of maximum points for reports of three graded practicals.

Date of the examination: February 9, 2007, 9:00 am - 11:00 am, E1 3, HS 003

Leistungspunkte/Credits: 9 (2 V + 2 P)

This course is (usually) taught in German language.
1st Lecture: October 20 ppt pdf Assignment/Tutorial 1
2nd Lecture: October 27 ppt pdf Assignment/Tutorial 2
3rd Lecture: November 3 ppt pdf Assignment/Tutorial 3
4th Lecture: November 10 ppt pdf
5th Lecture: November 17 ppt pdf
6th Lecture: November 24 ppt pdf
7th Lecture: December 1 ppt pdf
8th Lecture: December 8 ppt pdf
9th Lecture: December 15 ppt pdf
10th Lecture: January 12 ppt pdf
11th Lecture: January 19 ppt pdf
12th Lecture: January 26 ppt pdf
13th Lecture: February 2 ppt pdf
February 9: Exam