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Studying Bioinformatics in Saarbrücken

Bioinformatik III - Suggested Reading

Winter Term 04/05

Lecture 1, October 19

Barabási, A.-L. and Oltvai, Z.N. (2004) Nature Reviews Genetics, Vol. 5, 101-113, Network biology: understanding the cell´s functional organization

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Lecture 2, October 21

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Lecture 3, October 26

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Lecture 4, October 28

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Lecture 5, November 2

Russel, R.B., Alber, F., Aloy, P., Davis, F.P., Korkin, D., Pichaud, M., Topf, M., and Sali, A. (2004) Current Opinion in Structural Biology, Vol. 14, 313-324, A structural perspective on protein-protein interactions

Lecture 6, November 4

Bork, P., Jensen, L.J., von Mering, C., Ramani, A.K., Lee, I., and Marcotte, E.M. (2004) Current Opinion in Structural Biology, Vol. 14, 292-299, Protein interaction networks from yeast to human

Lecture 7, November 9

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Lecture 8, November 11

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Lecture 9, November 16

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Lecture 10, November 18

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Lecture 11, November 23

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Lecture 12, November 30

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Lecture 13, December 2

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Lecture 15, December 9

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Lecture 16, December 14

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Lecture 18, January 11

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Lecture 19, January 13

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Lecture 20, January 18

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Lecture 21, January 20

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Lecture 24, February 1

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